Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder Universal Multifunction

Color: black with pocket
Sale price$19.99


Description:The car mesh handbag rack is designed to help you store extra items, such as luggage, documents, phones or the valuable items you need most, so that they are organized and easy to get.This car net pocket handbag holder fixed bag is made of high-quality flexible and lightweight mesh material. The interior design is clean, easy to use, and does not take up space on the rear passenger seat.Features:1. Extra storage space:The car net pocket handbag holder bracket completely covers the gap between the first two seats, making them your extra storage space. According to the different spaces between the driver and passenger seats of various models, it can be stretched to an ideal size.2. Pet barrierUsing thickened polyester fiber with strong toughness, it can also be used as a special barrier to prevent naughty pets in the back seat from disturbing your daily driving.3. Safe driving:The car net bag handbag holder can easily access the items in the wallet without distracting your eyes, thus helping to reduce distracted driving. It eliminates the trouble of putting a wallet under your feet.4. Simple installation: the installation of this handbag holder is very simple, no need to punch or paste, easy to install, it only takes less than one minute to install two adjustable tops and one bottom The telescopic rope is covered on the console armrest box.5. Compatibility:Most of them are compatible with front-opening armrest boxes. Some car consoles are not suitable for this item, such as side-opening armrest boxes, armless boxes, double-opening armrest boxes, and sports armrest boxes.

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