Automatic eating device cat and dog timing feeding device quantitative (busy parents pet)

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* You can set up 1~4 feedings per day, and use good feeding habits every day.

* Record 12 seconds of voice information or music for your pet, and play it twice automatically each time the food slot is opened to remind the pet to eat.


* Low battery display, if using battery operation, can remind the user that the battery is insufficient, and replace the battery in time to avoid hungry pets.

* Easy to operate and easy to clean.

* With independent discharge quantity program, it can be used with your baby to eat different foods.

* Use 4 AA batteries. You can use a battery or a transformer to connect the power supply.
Transformers and batteries need to be purchased separately

* Product size: length: 30cm width: 26cm height: 30cm;

* It can be operated with a transformer, which is more environmentally friendly and more affordable.undefined

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